Literary Magazine Printing: Spotlight on Leslie Tane

Literary Magazine Printing: Spotlight on Leslie Tane

Salmaan Ahmad

Salmaan Ahmad

January 2, 2014

Leslie Tane is a designer who printed this awesome literary magazine printing project with Publishing Xpress as a part of her graduate school project. It documents her experience with bipolar II through writing and a curated collection of photography. This literary magazine printing project also has its own website. This is an absolute must see project. The writings and images are very touching and beautiful.

Check out the website here:

Color Literary Magazine Printing for Leslie Tane

One thing that was very unique about this order was the size. This was a custom size of 7×10.  When placing custom sized orders on Publishing Xpress, please select the next size up from what the actual size of the book is. In this case for Leslie Tane, she chose 8.5×11 for her literary magazine printing project. Do not forget to note in the comments/special instructions section what the final size of the book is when you are completing your order.

The size of this literary magazine printing project along with the paper selected made this order stand out. In some cases, 100# cover seems a little too stiff [what many people opt for]; the 80# cover selected for this order has a nice, firm yet soft, flexible feel. This also makes for easier fanning of the book when taking a quick glance.

Each page was filled with big colorful high-resolution photographs of various locations and people, with text overlaid on the page. The majority of this literary magazine printing project had one large image stretched across a two-page spread. Very eye catching, very well designed.

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Specs for this Literary Magazine Printing Project

  • 7×10 Perfect bound
  • 60 pages + cover
  • 4/4 Full color
  • 80# Matte text for inside pages
  • 80# Matte cover

Client Review

“I chose Printing Xpress because of your reasonable prices, available sizes, and paper options. I had quite specific printing requirements for this project and you were able to meet them all without my needing a custom proposal. My experience was terrific, and I immediately recommended Printing Xpress to all of the other Graphic Design grad students in my MFA program. The ordering process was actually a little confusing, but your customer service was really helpful and responsive.

My project was completed on time and it came out beautifully. I was worried since I used a lot of images for which I had not seen proofs but the color was spot on. The trimming was also very precise, and the spine printing was correctly placed on every magazine. I would absolutely use Printing Xpress again, and I recommend it to all of the designers I know who need unique, high-quality, short-run print jobs.”

More Information

Click here to get more information on color literary magazine printing.

Cheers to a New Year filled with new printing, publishing, and satisfied clients!

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