FREE Ultimate Guide to Online Printing

Questions about the online printing process? Confused about setting up your files for printing? Our Ultimate Online Printing Guide is designed to help!

Download our FREE Ultimate Guide to Online Printing immediately by clicking the button above. This booklet is full of information to answer your questions and help you set up your printing file correctly.

Not sure what a bleed is or how to set it up on your document? Check page 8 and 9, which not only has a detailed explanation but also shows bleeds graphically.

Have your document ready for printing but don't know how to convert it to a PDF file? No problem, we explain how to output your document to a PDF file on pages 3 to 5.

Wondering how long it will take to get your printing project after your submit your order? Chapter 5 of our printing guide (pages 22 to 25) details production times as well as UPS shipping times for all of our printing products.

Designing a perfect bound book, but aren't sure how large to make the spine? Check out page 12 of our ultimate printing guide for a simple calculation. All you need to know is the number of pages in your book and the paper you are printing on.

Can't decide whether you should print your document in full color or black and white? Pages 13 and 14 of our printing guide give you the pros and cons as well as an example of the price difference.

Trying to decide what paper stock to use for your printing project? Then you'll want to check out pages 16 to 18 of our printing guide for 7 tips for selecting a paper stock.

Wondering what design program you should use to design your document? Pages 3 and 4 of our ultimate printing guide explains three options. We also give you a link for a great free online course to help you design a magazine in Adobe InDesign.

No sure what binding style to select for your multipage document? We offer four different binding styles — saddle stitch, perfect bound, plastic coil, and wire-o. Pages 14 to 16 explain the different binding styles and give you 5 key questions to ask yourself before making that decision.

You can find all these tips and more in our Ultimate Guide to Online Printing. To get your free copy, just click on the blue button above and you'll be able to download this printing guide.

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