Online Rack Card Printing Made Easy with Dazzle Printing

Online-Rack-Card-PrintingOnline rack card printing is a great marketing alternative for many businesses. Brevity is the soul of wit. Lately, it’s also the soul of popularity. With a rack card, you can convey a strong, concise message at a low cost. Not familiar with the term? You’ve seen rack cards before – brochure-sized, double-sided, rectangular information sheets that line shelves in hotel lobbies. They’re not just for informing tourists about local attractions. Rack cards are like mini-bulletin boards for the hallway instead of the highway. Hand them out at your next event, and watch how effective these mini print ads remain to this day.

Online rack card printing is also affordable. Because with online rack card printing, your printing project is not a large size, you can luxuriate in your paper options — the glossier the better. Go all out. Dazzle Printing can also offer you orders in exact quantities. Instead of ordering in multiples of 10s, we’re happy to ship an order of 42 or 506 or 72. Our minimum for an order is only 25 copies. Leave the printing to us and we’ll leave the math up to you.

Don’t have a rack? Despite the name, rack cards travel well and can follow you to any trade show, a conference, or just hop into an envelope with a mailer. Think of them as a business card for your entire business. Just the facts, Ma’am – the name of your company, contact information, and a short message about the products and services you offer.

Your business isn’t a bullet-point list. You have an image, an attitude, and a distinct point of view. In a world of status updates, you can’t use too many words to make your point. By using a small amount of space for your message, you increase the odds that a casually interested party will actually take the time to look at what you have to offer. Brochures can help give someone a detailed account of your products and services – but the more detail you include, the less likely a potential customer will process all the information. Handing someone a concise rack card cuts out the internet middleman – they don’t even have to Google you to learn about your products and services.

Online Rack Card Printing with Dazzle Printing

Rack cards let you put a quick commercial in someone’s hands. At a glance, customers will have all the information they need about your company. Combine colors that pop with an eye-catching graphic, and your audience will have a visual to help them notice and retain your company’s message. Contact Dazzle Printing for your online rack card printing needs today!

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