Your Guide to Cheap Postcard Printing

Cheap-Postcard-PrintingGreetings from the land of great marketing strategies! Postcards don’t have to come from the other side of the world. Use them to send a concise message about your company in the mail. Cheap postcard printing is a great way to promote a one-time event, or a special offer. Affordable and simple to create, a well-targeted postcard marketing campaign is an easy way to boost awareness of your company.

The advantages of mail are often overlooked. With postcard printing, the message is already in your customer’s hands. They don’t have to click on anything or sign up for a newsletter. They have the information on a postcard that’s easy to save. Until they invent holograms you can mail, or drones that can dance and sing, you still can’t beat a postcard. They’re equal parts friendly and informative.

If you’ve ever received mail from someone traveling abroad, you know postcards can be more exciting than a long letter. On a postcard, one side has an image worthy of refrigerator magnet, and the other a quick summary of what’s been happening. Letters, on the other hand, take time to read. Keep this theme with your company’s postcard printing. Pick a graphic that’s colorful, inspirational, and attention-grabbing. An image paired with a great quote is one way to make your message likeable. Use the words of a well-known luminary, or a humorous and pithy quote about your company.

Cheap postcard printing is less expensive than full brochures. You can make them even less expensive by only printing in color on one side of the card. If your message is fairly simple, consider leaving one side blank, or putting the image on one side and a black-and-white message on the other.

Cheap Postcard Printing with Dazzle Printing

This is a handy marketing tool if you want to send your customers a quick update. You can’t include every piece of information about your business, but you can send a simple, direct message to your customer. Dazzle prints postcards in a selection of 5 different sizes, and even prints color postcards. The smallest is 4 ¼ x 6, and the largest is 6 x 9. You can easily customize your order if you want specific dimensions. While you’re thinking about your postcard’s appearance, think about your paper options as well. Dazzle offers high-end cardstock for marketers who want to add a little bit of shiny pizzazz to their message. Contact us today to get your high-quality yet cheap postcard printing started!

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