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Baby Clothing Catalog Printing: Spotlight on Spunky Stork

This baby clothing catalog printing project was just soo precious! Who doesn’t love baby clothes? Trust us when we say that the clothes were as cute and fun as the company name. At the Spunky Stork, they print on their … Continue reading »

Happy Holidays from Publishing Xpress!

May your holidays be filled with love, laughter, great company, and wonderful printing! We at Publishing Xpress are grateful for our awesome clients who have given us the opportunity to print their incredible projects and want to wish you Happy … Continue reading »

The 5 Weirdest Calendar Printing Projects

As you consider your own calendar printing project for 2015, whether as a promotional item, a business necessity, or a gift to extended family, you might want some inspiration from the 5 weirdest calendar printing projects found on the internet … Continue reading »

Planner Printing: Spotlight on The Soul Roots

THE NEW YEAR IS RIGHT AROUND THE CORNER! Most of us probably don’t even know where the year went. But reality is that it is gone, and now we must look forward to this upcoming New Year. You know…start setting … Continue reading »

Operations Handbook Printing: Spotlight on Graphica Productions

Yes folks, operations handbook printing is still popular! Not everyone runs to Google to answer all questions, especially when dealing with numbers and assembly of a motor vehicle and such. So for those looking to print any operations handbook or … Continue reading »

Children’s Book Printing: Spotlight on Rufus

We at Publishing Xpress just cannot get enough of adorable children’s book printing project! They are truly gems to print, especially when they’re filled with such cute and well-designed illustrations. Just like our feature this week, Rufus The Blind Dachshund … Continue reading »

Self-Publishing History: It Is the Best of Times; It Is the Worst of Times

Were you aware that the “movement” to self-publishing is actually a return to self-publishing? Before the industrial era’s shift to publishing consolidation, authors often published their own works. Let’s review self-publishing history. In fact, A Christmas Carol by Charles Dickens … Continue reading »

The Long and Short of Booklet Printing

It seems no one ever starts out wanting to write booklets; but once a writer understands the benefits of booklet printing, he or she is never the same. Published and yet-to-be-published authors are getting excited about booklets. Why? Promotion. You … Continue reading »

Museum Catalog Printing: Spotlight on Blink Concept & Design

Frank Cucciarre is the genius behind the creative of Blink Concept & Design. He is the designer of this lovely museum catalog printing project that Publishing Xpress had the pleasure of printing. Focus, drive, energy, and commitment sums up creative … Continue reading »

8 Writing Rules to Break

The trouble with any list of writing rules is that it implies there is only one way to do it. The very nature of art is to push the rules, to transcend techniques. But as Sri Nisargadatta Maharaj once said, … Continue reading »

Fashion Magazine Printing: Spotlight on TC Style Magazine

Sometimes mainstream fashion magazines are too much to deal with, as in too many ads or too many quizzes and not enough real content. Then there are smaller private magazines that focus on one thing, you and your style. TC … Continue reading »

Story Book Printing: Spotlight on Ned Luberecki

Professional banjo player Ned Luberecki has been making crowds laugh for years with his wacky bluegrass song, “Cabin of Death.” (It’s all over YouTube). When friend Ginny Foard added illustrations, lots of people wanted copies of this story book printing … Continue reading »