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Magazine Printing – Elements of Successful Magazines

Print media faces big challenges today, mainly due to all the new possibilities that the digital world offers. If a printed medium wants to survive, it’s more important than ever to offer a high quality product in terms of both content … Continue reading »

Travel Book Printing: Writing a Book about Your Vacation

The summer travel season has begun. Have you considered writing a travel book printing project based on your summer adventures? If you want to write and publish a travel book, here are five tips: 1. Prepare yourself. Don’t try to … Continue reading »

Why Online Book Printing Is Now Easier than Ever

Today, book printing is much easier than it used to be just a couple of years ago. It used to be that the process took a lot of money, a lot of time, and was out of reach to most … Continue reading »

Color Children’s Storybook Printing: Spotlight on The Fish That Woke Up

Normally we would go ahead and give our readers a brief about the awesome client we feature, but today, our awesome client — Judith Merwald — has provided her story of her experience printing her color children’s storybook printing project … Continue reading »

Comic Book Self-Publishing — The 3 Most Important Aspects of Great Comic Books

What makes a comic book great? What is the difference between the comic books that made history and the ones that went unnoticed? Well, the success of comic books depends on various factors. However, there are some crucial aspects that … Continue reading »

Martial Arts Journal Printing: Spotlight on Brooklyn Aikikai

One of our favorite things here at Publishing Xpress is seeing such variety in our print jobs AND clients. Working with some clients and their projects is truly a learning experience for us. In today’s martial arts journal printing spotlight, … Continue reading »

Educational Book Printing: Spotlight on Piggy-Backed Books

Piggy-Backed books Author Michael Blackstone is a faith-based speaker and writer of educational book printing projects. He has authored several books for children, plays, and scripts. He is best known for his inspiring messages bringing Biblical principles into the lives … Continue reading »

5 Tips on Comic Book Printing

A self-made comic book using on-demand comic book printing is a dream of many writers and graphic designers today. Comic books are a medium that has charmed millions of readers all around the world since first becoming popular in the early … Continue reading »

Comic Book Publishing: Spotlight on OXYGEN by Jim Byrkit

Comic book publishing is an art in itself. And talk about amazingly intricate sketch artwork! Artist and storyteller Jim Byrkit truly showcased his talents with this comic book publishing project, so we had to give it our spotlight this week. … Continue reading »

Online Magazine Printing: Spotlight on Thryve Magazine

It is such an honor to be featuring this wonderful online magazine printing project as our feature this week! Thryve Magazine is a publication that aims to inspire and empower women to not merely exist, but to live fully alive. … Continue reading »

Self Publishing Your Books: How to Make Money

So you’ve decided – you are going to try self publishing your books and see what happens. You’ve got an idea for a book, motivation to finish it on your own, and a desire to set it free, hoping for millions … Continue reading »

Color Journal Printing: Spotlight on Coolaroo Consulting

There are so many consulting companies in this world, but there is only one Coolaroo; the creative genius behind this interesting color journal printing project ☺. Coolaroo’s name is derived from an aboriginal word meaning “star.” Coolaroo says they like … Continue reading »