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Cookbook Printing Project: Spotlight on Eden Wellness

Born out of a need for natural and whole products that were safe and toxin free, Melody created Eden Wellness. Searching for everyday products that help heal the body, she decided to make her own. Her vision is to share … Continue reading »

Church Directory Printing: Spotlight on Crossroads Creston

In May of 2000, Crossroads Church was born, and by 2017 they had grown so much that they had to move twice! At Crossroads Creston, their motto is that they are “real people motivated to reach, connect and grow.” You … Continue reading »

Short Story Printing: Spotlight on Born of a North Wind

Barry P. has been an avid waterfowler for over fifty years and has decided that now is the time to share his adventures with this short story printing project. His duck and goose hunting has taken him all over Canada … Continue reading »

Color Perfect Bound Book Printing: Spotlight on Maxwell Moosington

Maxwell Moosington is a furry moose that loves nature and flying his airplane. While not exploring Maine (his favorite state), he flies all around the country and goes to the beach, the park and comforts children for a good night’s … Continue reading »

Comic Book Printing Project: Spotlight on Rat Brain Media

Rat Brain Media was formed by a couple of regular guys who love all things related to comics. Joined by comic book artist J.M. Ringuet, Rat Brain Comics was born. The story is just beginning, as this color comic book … Continue reading »

Illustrated Book Printing: Spotlight on a Circle of Seasons

Joan Dabrowski decided to do something a bit different for her family, she decided to illustrate and print a book for them! She drew inspiration from love, food, pets, games, laughter, and more to create an illustrated story with a … Continue reading »

Saddle Stitch Workbook Printing: Spotlight on Simply Fresh Aesthetics

Sixteen years ago, Toni started her esthetics journey. After receiving her license in cosmetology, she went on to teach. From there, she realized her true passion, and left teaching to return to the skincare front. Her goal is to educate … Continue reading »

Color Catalogue Printing: Spotlight on Everson Cordage Works

Established in 1979, Everson Cordage Works started manufacturing high quality, three strand twisted nylon products. Today, they now specialize in twisted and braided ropes and twines and strive to bring exceptional quality to the roping industry. They pride themselves on … Continue reading »

Color Booklet Printing Project: Spotlight on CD Baby

CD Baby started as an online CD Store in 1998, and now distributes, publishes, and represents music from many independent musicians and songwriters. Their mission is to allow artists to control their own rights and prices, and with over 650,000 … Continue reading »

Self-published Books Are Taking Over the Market!

Though they now account for nearly 20% of the overall book market, self-published books are nothing new, really. Homemaker-turned-best-selling-author Irma Romabauer did it in 1931, taking her cookbook to her local printing shop, where she ordered 3,000 copies. Theseveral tips … Continue reading »

4 Writing Tips Every Author Should Consider Before Self-Publishing

Before self-publishing, consider some writing tips. Self-publishing is an incredibly exciting endeavor. After all, in today’s world, there’s no more waiting for some elitist publishing house to bestow its authorial crown on your head in order to become an official … Continue reading »

Creative Book Printing Ideas for Kids

You don’t have to visit the library or bookstore to find great kids’ books and reading material for the child in your life. You’d be surprised at what you can create if you’ve got a camera, black pen, old photos, … Continue reading »