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Poetry Printing: Spotlight on Moments in Time

Latisha Denise’s poetry printing project offers an architecture of language exploring our lives, our hopes, and our dreams, whether it is dancing in the wind, driving through Detroit, or discovering another country and culture. She wanders through mazes and paths … Continue reading »

Are Printed Catalogs Necessary in a Digital World?

With so much emphasis on a company’s online presence these days, it is easy to overlook how traditional media sources, like printed catalogs, can complement and even increase the impact of online marketing. You may be asking yourself, “Why do … Continue reading »

What’s More Environmentally Friendly — Print or Electronic? (The Answer May Surprise You!)

We’ve all seen those notes at the bottom of emails saying to save trees by not printing the email message. While it’s always a good idea to conserve any resource, the implication of that message is that electronic communications are … Continue reading »

8 Tips for Selecting Paper Stock

To help you decide which paper stock to use with your printing project, consider these 8 tips: Cover stock is always heavier than text stock. Despite the confusing nature of the names, a cover stock is always heavier than a … Continue reading »

5 Tips for Selecting a Binding Style

When printing a multipage document, selecting the best binding style is a very important consideration. At Publishing Xpress, we offer four different binding styles: Saddle stitch: For documents from 8 to 80 pages. Each sheet of paper contains two pages … Continue reading »

How Important Is Color Printing for Your Printing Project?

We all know that color printing costs more than printing in black and white. How much more expensive? Let’s look at an example: assume you are printing 100 copies of a 60 page saddle-stitched magazine, finished size 8 1/2 x … Continue reading »

Color Doll Book Printing: Spotlight on the Lost Doll

At Publishing Xpress, we love when we get to work with authors – and while we enjoy all of our clients’ work, there is something especially sweet and fun about books written for children.  So, we were very excited to … Continue reading »

Comic Book Prints: Spotlight on Zombie Turtle Comics

Craig Latchaw creates comics, but not with the kind of characters and plots you may be envisioning. His Galactic Man is decidedly not heroic, super or otherwise, but that doesn’t mean his exploits aren’t entertaining…just a bit more relatable, which … Continue reading »

Comic Book Publishing: Spotlight on Yeti or Not

Starting out as a young artist can be tough…and pricey! That’s why we are so glad we can offer great quality printing for low prices at Publishing Xpress and make it that much easier for artists like Amanda Semler to … Continue reading »

Color Program Booklet Printing: Spotlight on TeenHOP

TeenHOP (“Teens Help Other People”) is a nonprofit group dedicated to community service. It was started in 2012 when co-founders, then-13- and 12-year-old Gracelyn and Brooke, wanted opportunities to volunteer with their friends. Their mother helped them start TeenHOP as … Continue reading »

STEM Manual Printing: Spotlight on QuestBotics

As the world becomes increasingly tech-driven, it is more and more important to get kids excited about STEM learning. The trick is to do this without sacrificing crucial “playtime” … but how? Thankfully, this problem has been solved by groups … Continue reading »

Perfect Bound Journal Printing: Spotlight on DSCH Journal

This perfect bound journal printing, project, DSCH Journal, is a bi-annual, international publication dedicated to the life and work of Dmitri Shostakovich, the Russian composer and pianist. It is written and published by a group of people from varied professions, … Continue reading »