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Color Program Booklet Printing: Spotlight on TeenHOP

TeenHOP (“Teens Help Other People”) is a nonprofit group dedicated to community service. It was started in 2012 when co-founders, then-13- and 12-year-old Gracelyn and Brooke, wanted opportunities to volunteer with their friends. Their mother helped them start TeenHOP as … Continue reading »

STEM Manual Printing: Spotlight on QuestBotics

As the world becomes increasingly tech-driven, it is more and more important to get kids excited about STEM learning. The trick is to do this without sacrificing crucial “playtime” … but how? Thankfully, this problem has been solved by groups … Continue reading »

Perfect Bound Journal Printing: Spotlight on DSCH Journal

This perfect bound journal printing, project, DSCH Journal, is a bi-annual, international publication dedicated to the life and work of Dmitri Shostakovich, the Russian composer and pianist. It is written and published by a group of people from varied professions, … Continue reading »

Perfect Bound Book Printing: Spotlight on Sole Bros Inc.

This perfect bound book printing project was truly inspirational! Sole Bros Inc. came into being when a trio of sneaker-loving friends discovered that there were kids around the world who didn’t have any shoes at all. Filled with concern, they … Continue reading »

Wire-o Workbook Printing: Spotlight on Secure Marriage

At Publishing Xpress, we love working with all of our clients — but it is always a treat to work on projects that help people have better lives and relationships. Secure Marriage is a research-based and solutions-focused marital counseling company … Continue reading »

Plastic Coil Workbook Printing: Spotlight on Jas Talks Law

Getting into law school isn’t easy. From applications and exams to drafting a personal statement, there is a lot to keep track of for a law school-hopeful, and mistakes can be costly when there is no one to guide you. … Continue reading »

Color Workbook Printing: Spotlight on the Go Love Yourself Box

We get a lot of projects from people who have decided to take the plunge and self-publish, or start a niche magazine, etc. We love working with people to realize their dreams in print – but it’s also a great … Continue reading »

Beauty Booklet Printing — Spotlight on Skincare Science

Working with Marty at Skincare Science on various projects has been as smooth as the products he sells! Most recently, we worked with him on printing a beauty booklet printing project for skincare professionals and their clients. Beauty Booklet Printing … Continue reading »

Everyone Chooses a Book by Its Cover — So Choose the Right One!!

We’re visual creatures, and we tend to judge the quality of something based on its appearance, even when we should know better! This means that we can’t rely solely on what’s inside our book to get people to pick it … Continue reading »

Attention Grabbing Writing — Even If It’s Not a Dark and Stormy Night

Writers can suffer under the pressure to create attention grabbing writing. That first sentence that draws a reader in and arouses their curiosity. It can seem like everything hinges on that one attention grabbing line, and that pressure can cause … Continue reading »

The Resurgence of Printed Magazines

What’s old is new again…printed magazines are on the move! In a time when blogging, short-form digital blasts, web articles, and social media have become the norm, publishers and brands are rethinking their strategies by using print as a “new … Continue reading »

Get Paid to Write! Check Out These Writer Grants

You know it, your friends know it, and your parents certainly know it: you didn’t get into writing for the money. For most writers (especially those just starting out), another, more traditional job is necessary to pay the bills. You … Continue reading »