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How Do I Write A Good Book Title?

Some writers have a book title in mind before they write the first words of their book. But most authors put in plenty of time crafting a memorable and effective book title for their work, just like the efforts they … Continue reading »

Color Graphic Novel: Spotlight on Nighthawk and Little Elk

TaleFeather Publishing is a small on-reserve publisher in Canada that publishes educational materials in Indigenous languages. Their latest book, Nighthawk and Little Elk, is a color graphic novel written and illustrated by Eelonqa K. Harris. Printed in several languages, the … Continue reading »

Benefits of Printing a Membership Directory

With so many organizations and groups utilizing online communication, holding a printed membership directory in your hands might seem like something out of the past. But more and more, groups are now printing a physical copy of their membership directories … Continue reading »

How to Write a Book Synopsis

There are times you may have to write a synopsis of your book. This can be challenging, but your hard work will pay off with a book synopsis you can use to present your book to agents or marketing experts. … Continue reading »

Perfect Bound Travel Book: Spotlight on Anna Maria Island

This perfect bound travel book is a tribute to the beautiful island paradise of Anna Maria Island. It is a unique Florida treasure, with lost of shoreline, many natural mangrove stands, protected shore birds, turtles, and beautiful beaches. The beautiful … Continue reading »

How to Get Great Book Reviews

Writing a book comes with more than just creating characters and an appealing plot line. Authors that self-publish their books have one key element left to focus on once their book has been sent off to the printers: to get … Continue reading »

8 Steps to Follow for Good Book Design

Deciding to self-publish your book is a big step but coming up with the content you love is only part of the process. Authors who want to self-publish will need to create a print-ready file of their work that is … Continue reading »

Conference Booklet Printing: Spotlight on Immigration Guide for Healthcare Employers

Ford Murray Law Firm was looking for a printer for a conference booklet printing project and found Publishing Xpress. Their Immigration Guide for Healthcare Employers was a well designed 22 page booklet that was a perfect handout for a conference. … Continue reading »

Perfect Binding: PUR Glue vs. EVA Glue

One of the most popular ways that self-publishers, as well as publishing houses, choose to bind their books is with the perfect binding method. This type of binding can be used with softcover books, magazines, or booklets and is a … Continue reading »

How to Copyright a Book

When writers come up with an original idea, craft a unique and compelling book, and then publish it, the assumption is that they alone hold the rights to the book. While technically true, works written by an author can be … Continue reading »

Fitness Journal Printing: Spotlight on Momstrong Transformation Journal

Taryn Perry started her health journey after her second child was born in 2008. Now, she has ten years of experience as a personal trainer and motivational speaker, she is here to show you the ropes on how to balance … Continue reading »

Overcome Writer’s Block: 7 Ways to Jumpstart Creativity

Some days, writing comes easily. You feel inspired as you sit and type or write what feels like an endless flow of words. On other days, you struggle to get out even one sentence. You wonder if you should just … Continue reading »