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The Benefits of Laminated Book Covers

Self-published authors have a lot of decisions to make when preparing their manuscripts for printing. Choosing the format for the text or graphic elements in the book, selecting the best binding option for the book, and solidifying the cover design … Continue reading »

Perfect Bound Poetry Book: Spotlight on Don’t Judge Me By My Cover

In describing her perfect bound poetry book, the author states, “Everyone goes through hard times, right? Writing these poems is what helped me get through mine. While this book may look happy and cheerful, the inside is filled with writings … Continue reading »

Writing the Book Back Matter

You’ve finally finished your book. You reached the end of the story or at least the first installment of it. If it’s a nonfiction book, you’ve presented your argument and your supporting research. Now, you can relax and send it … Continue reading »

How to Write the Book Front Matter

If you’ve ever made a public presentation, you know how important it is to have all your materials in order. When you present your book to the world, your readers expect it to follow a clear, well-organized format. The book … Continue reading »

Perfect Bound Business Manual: Spotlight on Lewis Maven and Associates

A business comes with great responsibilities and a plethora of things a new business owner needs to know and understand. Lewis Maven and Associates guides you through a business readiness process and gives you the next steps to making your … Continue reading »

Tips for Writing Graphic Novels

Writing graphic novels is different than writing regular novels. Writing one can be easier than authoring a novel because you don’t need to spend time describing settings, character descriptions, or extended dialogue. On the other hand, it requires illustrations that … Continue reading »

How to Design a Book Cover? Book Cover Design Basics

What makes a reader grab a book off of the shelf? Is it the book with the brightest cover? Or the most eye-catching photograph? Or is it bold graphics or the way the title jumps off the page? In truth, … Continue reading »

Perfect Bound Animal Book: Spotlight on Funny Animals

This whimsical perfect bound animal book, Funny Animals, is just plain fun to look through! The book contains pictures of many of the artist’s mixed media collages of animal pictures combined with human props. Designed for children, adults are rumored … Continue reading »

What Is the Difference Between Genre Fiction and Literary Fiction?

Book publishers, critics, and readers group most books into one of two categories: genre fiction and literary fiction. Genre fiction includes mystery, romance, police procedural, suspense, horror, and other well-known categories. Literary fiction is fiction that doesn’t fit a particular … Continue reading »

Taking the Mystery Out of Writing Mystery Novels

Books that bring out strong emotions in readers tend to create that page-turning, don’t-put-it-down feeling. And mysteries along with thrillers are the novel genres most likely to evoke this kind of emotional connection between a reader and the story. And … Continue reading »

Saddle Stitch Catalog Printing: Spotlight on Everson Cordage Works

This saddle stitch catalog printing project did a great job of presenting the products offered by Everson Cordage Works. Established in 1979, this company manufactures three strand twisted nylon products. The company’s focus is on the commercial fishing market. The … Continue reading »

Why Business People Need to Publish a Business Book

Becoming a published author may not be at the top of your things to do, but the truth is that creating a business book can be an excellent move for you professionally. Experts or specialists, artists, and business owners and … Continue reading »