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The Resurgence of Printed Magazines

What’s old is new again…printed magazines are on the move! In a time when blogging, short-form digital blasts, web articles, and social media have become the norm, publishers and brands are rethinking their strategies by using print as a “new … Continue reading »

Get Paid to Write! Check Out These Writer Grants

You know it, your friends know it, and your parents certainly know it: you didn’t get into writing for the money. For most writers (especially those just starting out), another, more traditional job is necessary to pay the bills. You … Continue reading »

How to Solicit Book Reviews (Without Sounding Desperate!)

It’s done. It’s finally, finally finished. You brainstormed, you drafted, you agonized over every little detail and cried a bit (a lot) when your editor suggested you scrap the whole scene you copied from a dream (but you wisely obeyed). … Continue reading »

Your Marketing Plan for Your Self-Published Book

Who knows your book better than you? That’s why you are the perfect person to market it. You should sit down and write a marketing plan to keep you focused. It will take a lot of concentrated work, probably as … Continue reading »

Creating Characters Who Come to Life

How often have you found yourself clapping a book shut because the plot was ruined by poorly-developed characters? They were shallow, one-dimensional, or erratic, and they finally drove you to divest yourself from the story. All fiction readers and writers … Continue reading »

Why Is an Editor Necessary?

It’s easy to think you don’t need an editor … after all, you’ve come this far on your own, and it’s difficult to allow someone else to criticize and potentially make changes to your book. However, it’s important to remember … Continue reading »

Creating Lifebook Printing Projects to Leave a Legacy

Lifebook printing projects have become popular with some adoption agencies that want the children to have an idea of their family history. But they can also be a great way to ensure that your children know about their family heritage … Continue reading »

Short-Run Magazine Printing: Spotlight on the Great Lakes Surfer’s Journal

In this short-run magazine printing spotlight, we have a close-to-home client. Since we are located in Madison Heights, Michigan, we love that Great Lakes State is a company all about being Michigan Proud. They were founded in 2012 by a … Continue reading »

Writer’s Block: Understanding the Problem and Moving Forward

You know how it goes… You sit down at your desk. You’ve adjusted the temperature, opened, closed, then re-opened the curtains. You have your mug of preferred hot beverage and you’re in your comfy pants. Everything is just right. But…the … Continue reading »